We know that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you continue to keep communication with your clients and/or employees. Have you thought about webcasting/live streaming your message?

The Conference Experience, Inc is here to offer a great way to stay connected with your clients/employees, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally.

Webcasting is very affordable and can be done live, so your viewers can participate in a number of ways, ask questions, interact with you, etc.

DON'T waste your money by cancelling your event(s). Let The Conference Experience, Inc. help you to minimize any monetary loss for events already booked and/or stay connected with your clients/employees. Here are some ways to make this happen:

  1. You can keep your "already booked" venue (hotel, office, etc) and we can bring the necessary equipment to do a live webcast there. The attendees that have scheduled to come, and still want to come, can, and those who don't want to travel or be in crowded places can participate via a "live stream" webcast.
  2. We can go to your offices, bring the equipment, set up a small studio for you to address your clients/attendees.
  3. We offer a great Denver based studio where you and your presenters can come to deliver your message.

All of these solutions offer full audio and video HD quality feeds, chat rooms, Q&A, video presentations, interactive computer sharing, etc

DON'T let this virus interrupt your event(s) or your need to stay connected with the VERY important people that bring success to your company.

THERE ARE SOLUTIONS! Please give The Conference Experience, Inc. a call today to get an affordable estimate and to discuss your solutions.

Let's work together to keep business alive!!!