We know that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you continue to keep communication with your clients and/or employees. Have you thought about webcasting/live streaming your message?

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Open 24/7 for Bookings, Free Support and Technical Help

Our goal is to provide affordable, professional and reliable services in audio visual production and collaboration to create the best event possible.

The Conference Experience, Inc. gives you more PERSONAL, DETAILED attention, and our experienced personnel uses only the best, up-to-date professional equipment.

...the BEST part of this is, we can SAVE you up to 50%!!!

The Conference Experience, Inc enhances your event in a number of ways:

  • We use affordable, dependable, professional audio visual equipment
  • We use the most educated and experienced technicians
  • Our team members and partners have been in the production industry for many years, resulting in amazing creativity, detailed management and most importantly, TRUST with all of our clients.
The Conference Experience, Inc has, and continues to build partnerships with other companies in the industry that are willing to provide the same great services at a better price.

Here are just a few alternatives and solutions we can offer:

  • Free 24/7 phone service, support, and technical help
  • Affordable audio visual rentals
  • Partnerships with companies who are willing to help
  • Creative Alternatives
  • Full support and collaboration
  • Experienced, Professional, Courteous personnel


We use professional equipment for a clear, crisp, clean sound so your message is heard.


We will deliver a bright, spectacular image so your message can be seen.


We can enhance your event with brilliantly colorful lights so your message can be impactful.


We can help you stream your event live effectively and affordably to remote viewers.